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Applications Invited for Sea Pact Project Funding Grant

Sea Pact will improve the sustainability of global seafood by using the collective power of like-minded North American seafood companies to improve fishing and fish farming systems globally.  Sea Pact was created by the six founding members: Albion Farms & Fisheries, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, Ipswich Shellfish Group, Santa Monica Seafood, Seacore Seafood and Seattle Fish Co. Sea Pact now consists of ten members.

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About the Grant

Sea Pact strives to advance sustainable fisheries and responsible aquaculture practices and provide the building blocks for a long term and sustainable seafood industry. To accomplish this, Sea Pact has pledged to financially contribute to selected projects that are aligned with Sea Pact’s mission. Organizations that are seeking financial support for projects in any of the twelve broad project categories are welcome to apply:

  • Fishery Improvement Projects
  • Aquaculture Improvement Projects
  • Fisheries Management
  • Regional Aquaculture Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Gear or Farm Improvements
  • Fishery Habitat Restoration
  • Fisheries Conservation
  • Species Research and Data Collection
  • Research to Improve Farming Practices
  • Technology
  • Communication/ Education

Unfortunately, projects that don’t align with these defined project areas and don’t relate to fisheries, aquaculture, seafood or ocean and freshwater health will not be considered.

How to Apply

Sea Pact no longer has a specific LOI deadline, but is accepting Letters of Interest (LOI’s) on an open basis.

 In order to apply for project funding, applicants must first submit a brief Letter of Interest according to the Letter of Interest (LOI) Guidelines detailed below.

  • Please use the following guidelines when developing the LOI.
    • The LOI should be brief, on organizational letterhead, and be 1-2 pages in length.
    • The LOI allows you to briefly state your need before putting in the extra work of completing a full project proposal grant application.
    • The LOI should include a succinct but thorough description of the need or problem you have identified, the proposed solution, and your organization’s qualifications for implementing that solution. Keep in mind you will have the opportunity to share more details about your program/project if a full proposal is requested.
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