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Microsoft Intern without Campus Placement: Apply for Full-Time

Microsoft Intern is a golden opportunity to kick-start your career – even without a campus placement for Microsoft, you can make it there!

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Microsoft is a global technology leader known for its innovative software, hardware, and cloud services. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft has revolutionized the tech industry with products like Windows, Office, Azure, and the Surface line. The company is renowned for its commitment to innovation, diversity, and fostering a collaborative work environment, making it a top choice for tech professionals worldwide.

Microsoft Intern

Very often students wish to join Microsoft, but they are unable to because of a lack of job opportunities. However, we have got for you a collection of opportunities that have a better chance of you getting selected.

1. Participate in Microsoft Engage

Microsoft Engage is a mentorship and hiring challenge designed for students who are eager to kickstart their careers in software engineering. This program is held twice a year:

  • April to June for second-year students.
  • November for final-year students.

During Microsoft Engage, participants have the opportunity to be selected as SDE Interns for a two-month internship. This program is open to students from all colleges in India, providing an equal opportunity to showcase your skills and get noticed by Microsoft recruiters.

2. Join the Microsoft Fixathon

Microsoft Fixathon is another fantastic opportunity for students looking to secure internships or full-time roles. This competition and hackathon focus on recruiting for various support and consultant positions. The event typically takes place between December and January, and it is open to students across India. Participating in Fixathon not only enhances your problem-solving skills but also puts you on the radar of Microsoft’s hiring team.

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3. Apply for Microsoft Research Roles

Microsoft also offers exciting opportunities in research roles. The hiring process for these positions includes a take-home assignment, and candidates with contributions to open-source projects, experience with relevant technologies, and research papers have a competitive edge. Engaging in research and showcasing your work can significantly boost your chances of landing a role in Microsoft Research.


Build a strong portfolio: Highlight your projects, internships, and any contributions to open-source projects.

Network with professionals: Attend tech conferences, workshops, and online webinars to connect with industry professionals and Microsoft employees.

Prepare thoroughly: Focus on mastering data structures, algorithms, and other core computer science concepts. Use platforms like LeetCode, HackerRank, and Codeforces for practice.

Stay updated: Follow Microsoft’s career page and LinkedIn for the latest updates on events and hiring opportunities.

Grab every opportunity that comes by and prepare hard.

All the best!!

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