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IIT Guwahati Invites Applications for Online Course on Quantum Mechanics

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IIT Guwahati is offering on the NPTEL platform an 8 week free online course called Advanced Quantum Mechanics with Applications. The course would be most suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of electrical and electronics engineering, engineering physics or physics, and also carries 2 credit points. The course deals with the prerequisite material for studying advanced level research in various fields of physics, applied physics and electrical engineering says the official website.

The course will be conducted by Dr. Saurabh Basu who is a professor at the Department of Physics, IIT Guwahati. The professor’s area of expertise is theoretical condensed matter physics, with special emphasis on the correlated Boson and Fermion systems, and topological insulators. He has about 90 research publications in different refereed international journals.

Who Can Apply for IIT Guwahati Online Course on Quantum Mechanics

The course basically gives an insight into the introduction to advanced topics, such as, the density matrix formalism and its applications to quantum optics, angular momentum, quantum information theory, quantum dynamics, and a glossary of the approximate methods is described with a few examples. Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Introduction to quantum physics, postulates, and different representations.
  • Density matrix formalism, harmonic oscillator, applications to coherent and squeezed states, spherically symmetric systems, and quantum dots.
  • Spin angular momentum, or nuclear magnetic resonance.
  • Quantum information theory, entanglement, or Shanon entropy.
  • Quantum computing algorithms, EPR and Bell’s paradox.
  • Quantum dynamics, or periodically driven systems.
  • Approximation methods, perturbation theory, Variational and WKB approximation.
  • Linear response theory, or Kubo formula.
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Important Details of the IIT Guwahati Online Course on Quantum Mechanics

The course will be conducted from 25 July to 16 September 2022, and the lats date to enrol for the course is 1 August 2022. Those who wish to receive certificates for the course will have to pay Rs 1000, and take an examination that will be conducted on 25 September 2022. The certificate will have the name, photograph and final score of the candidate. Those who wish to apply are advised to go through the official notification for more information.

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