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Raita Vidya Nidhi Scholarship for Children of Farmers

A scholarship for the children of farmers Raita Vidya Nidhi Scholarship by the Karnataka Government will encourage them to study without financial constraints.

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Most of the farmers’ children are unable to receive a good education due to financial crises. As a result, both state and federal governments employ numerous scholarship programs to ensure that every student has access to education. In order to get benefit from this scheme, students are required to register on the portal. This scholarship will also encourage the children of the farmers to pursue higher education. Children of farmers will also be able to get benefit from the scheme even if they are already getting the benefit of any other scholarship scheme. This program will grant scholarships to the children of farmers. This page discusses the Karnataka Raita Vidya Nidhi Scholarship’s goal, advantages, characteristics, eligibility, necessary paperwork, and application method, among other things.

On August 7, 2021, the Karnataka government announced the Raita Vidya Nidhi Scholarship, which would grant scholarships to the children of farmers. Scholarships ranging from Rs 2500 to Rs 11000 will be granted to the children of farmers who are pursuing higher education under this initiative. This initiative assures that every Karnataka student receives a higher education.

The Chief Minister of Karnataka stated that the state government is planning to increase the scholarship amount under the Mukhya Mantri Raita Vidhya Nidhi Scholarship which was originally a scholarship program for the children of farmers of the state. The Chief Minister also stated that his enthusiasm has also increased after learning that the students have benefited from the implementation of the scheme. The main objective of the development of this scheme was to provide good education and economic independence to the children of the farmers of the state. The government has also previously introduced a scheme for the children of weavers and fishermen. The Chief Minister also stated that hostel facilities will be provided to the children of farmers in order to help them continue their education without any disturbance. 

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Benefits of this scholarship for children of farmers:

  • The Karnataka government on August 7, 2021 inaugrated the Raita Vidya Nidhi Scholarship Scheme.
  • Children of farmers through this program will receive scholarship.
  • Children of farmers who are seeking higher education would receive scholarships ranging from Rs 2500 to Rs 11000.
  • The scholarship money will be instantly deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account via the direct benefit transfer mechanism.
  • This initiative assures that every Karnataka student receives a higher education.
  • Students must register on the site in order to take advantage of this program.
  • This grant will also inspire farmers’ children to continue their studies.
  • Farmers’ children will be eligible for the program even if they are currently receiving benefits from another scholarship program.
Eligibility Criteria 
  • The applicant must be a permanent Karnataka resident.
  • The applicant’s father must be a farmer by trade.
  • The applicant must have completed a class 10th test from a nationally or state-recognized school.

To apply visit: https://raitamitra.karnataka.gov.in/english

Also visit: www.noticedash.com

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